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Adult math learning and Cambridge levels now available at UCT Online High School

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It’s never too late to create a better future for yourself. This is the feeling of his Yandiswa Xhakaza, principal and director of UCT Online High School. The school has announced the expansion of its services to offer affordable international high school qualifications to African children and mathematics education to many adults.

A year old, Jakaza believes that completing a high school education can help adults and young people alike change the direction of their lives.

UCT Online High School, a partnership between the University of Cape Town (UCT) and South African educational technology company Valenture Institute, recently launched two new additions to the school’s offering next year. Affordable Cambridge International Curriculum Qualifications.

adult matrix

Noting the need for adult mathematics learning facilities nationwide, Xhakaza notes that almost a third of all people working towards a diploma are working outside the full-time in-school system. I pointed out that the

“Our online adult admissions program provides a second chance for those who were unable or given the opportunity to write an advanced qualification in their youth. It’s part-time so it’s easy for adults who might be working to join in. It costs R2 195 per month for 12 months, but financial solutions are available to keep your monthly payments down.” said Xhakaza.

“A diploma can change the future for young and old alike.”

Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng, Vice Chancellor of UCT, emphasized the need to support and provide learning opportunities for adults aiming to graduate.

“As a second chance, the educational journey of these nontraditional learners often remains unrecognized. We are here to congratulate and support these learners, whose diplomas make their knowledge and skills known to employers, pave the way for further education, and ultimately You can change the future of young and old by increasing their chances of finding, keeping, and earning high-paying jobs.Video presentation.

Cambridge International Curriculum

Phakeng also announced the addition of the Cambridge International Curriculum. This makes UCT Online High School the most affordable and fully accredited Cambridge International School in Africa. The fee is scheduled to be 3,000 yen per month.

She emphasized that Cambridge International High School qualifications provide learners with global access.

“Cambridge International is one of the world’s most prestigious international curricula, recognized by over 2,000 higher education institutions worldwide, including all major local universities. 10,000 in 160 countries With nearly one million students in school, Cambridge International qualifications are a powerful global passport to the future,” she said.

Cambridge Academic Consultant Tessa Venter says Cambridge International qualifications allow learners to access any university in the UK, more than 800 universities in the US, all major tertiary institutions in South Africa and others including Canada and Australia. He said he could be eligible to apply to many destinations. Singapore, Germany, Holland.

“The curriculum is thoroughly researched, academically focused, and renowned for higher order thinking skills.”

“A Cambridge International qualification is an academic passport to the university. [a] A brighter global future for many ambitious young Africans… Cambridge International and Matrix for Adults will become completely separate and independent services under the umbrella of UCT Online High School. There will be little to no impact on learners working towards advanced South African qualifications. We are busy onboarding new staff for these additional services,” he said.

“More than 8 million learners write for Cambridge exams each year. Our curriculum is thoroughly researched, academically focused, and renowned for high-order thinking skills. A spiral approach to learning. A spiral curriculum is one that continually revisits a topic, subject, or theme throughout the course, rather than simply repeating the topics taught, to help learners develop understanding each time they engage with that particular subject. We need to go deeper.”

High school online learning can bridge the educational gap

Phakeng said UCT Online High School was launched to help bridge the gap between high school and tertiary education in South Africa.

“We live in two South African countries, one of which is in the top 3% of schools. These schools have sufficient resources and in total cover the remaining 97% of high schools in South Africa. More learners than combined are doing well in math.

“Another South Africa is represented by the majority of our schools where a learner’s academic ability allows them to spend more than five grades in one class.

“Out of 100 kids who go to school, only 6 get a bachelor’s degree.”

“Out of 100 children who start school, only 6 get a bachelor’s degree. Sadly, the chasm between the two South Africans is widening. That’s why we chose to change the face of education in South Africa forever by launching UCT Online High School, an online private school in South Africa.

Last year, UCT Online High School received 13,000 applications and currently has approximately 5,000 learners enrolled. The school also offers the entire South African curriculum free of charge to thousands of individuals.

“We have partnered with the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation to launch a free curriculum for UCT Online High School. You can access it. [Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements] Money should not be a barrier for those who want to learn,” Paken said.

Through a scholarship program in partnership with Sanlam, the school was able to provide scholarships to 90 learners and cover 100% of the tuition fees for the CAPS curriculum for the duration of their studies.