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Message from the AP Principal as the new school year approaches | The Pelican Post

Dear Ascension Public Schools Family,

As usual, summer flew by quickly and we are preparing to welcome our students to the first day of the new term. It has always been an honor and a pleasure to work with Ascension Public Schools families. We embrace the common goal of helping our students one day continue on the path of successfully pursuing their chosen dreams.

We need opportunities for students to equip themselves academically, recognize their talents and interests, develop skills around those talents and interests, and develop the perseverance to overcome moments of disappointment and failure. I know there is Embrace the productive struggles that arise when the challenges inherent in growth and development arise. Working with you, our guardians, we strive to provide our students with quality experiences every day that contribute to their academic growth, skill development and emotional intelligence development. We want them to develop determination, resilience, and the ability to work well with others.

state test results

This week, the Louisiana Department of Education chose Ascension Parish to host a press conference announcing the state’s test results. This is because Ascension Parish is the state leader. Across all grades and subjects combined, 49% of students achieved a Mastery or Advanced, ranking second in the state! American students had the third highest score, and economically disadvantaged students had the fifth highest score.

Thank you to all our teachers and staff for their dedication and effort in supporting student learning. What our employees do really matters, and we all appreciate their passion and dedication to the success of our students! We are very lucky to have parents and community. Finally, our students deserve high fives, fist pumps, hugs and applause. They worked and achieved results!

safety and security

We are committed to the physical and mental safety of everyone, including our students, staff and visitors. We appreciate the strong partnerships we have with local law enforcement to support our need to not only keep our schools safe, but to make them feel safe. A big thank you to Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Weber and Gonzales Police Chief Sherman Jackson for prioritizing school safety by conducting drills and assessing the situation to ensure everyone’s safety. Additionally, we sincerely appreciate the support of parents and the community for their continued funding and feedback to improve the security of our facilities. We are calling for continued partnership with us by alerting us to any concerns our community may see or hear. We can provide a comfortable and safe environment.

healthy operation

In addition, we will continue to pay attention to school management, giving top priority to the health of our students, faculty and staff, and visitors. Last spring, John Bell his Governor Edwards ended a declared public health emergency in Louisiana. As we open this school year, we will be opening under normal operations, but we also recognize that care must be taken to ensure that the school does not become a source of disease or the spread of disease. We have created a resource web page for parents and staff: Ready to Achieve Guidelines (…/school-operations-for…) . We encourage everyone to use the information available from our public health department and guidance from your personal healthcare provider to make the best decision for you.

child nutrition

Our Child Nutrition Department (…/department/child-nutrition) looks forward to once again providing quality service to our students throughout the school year. The Community Eligibility Program (CEP), which provides free meals, has been expanded to all schools in the district over the past two years. Before the pandemic, free meals for students were limited to certain campuses meeting need-based criteria. CEP is again limited to selected campuses: Donaldsonville High School of Higher Education and East Ascension School of Higher Education. At all other schools, students and families eligible for free or reduced meals will be assisted by completing the appropriate documentation confirming eligibility ( /…/child-nutrition…). Even if your child attends her CEP school, you still need to complete the Education Benefits Questionnaire.


This year, 89 shiny new school buses hit the roads. This is part of a strategic investment to update transport vehicles. Unfortunately, due to supply chain delays, we were unable to install the GPS units on the new buses before school started. This means that the Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) app ( is not available on these buses. The target bus is the 625-705 bus. As soon as it arrives, we plan to install it on the bus. In the meantime, the school will provide an estimated pick-up time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

district app

Finally, school and student-specific information on transportation, technology equipment, bell timetables, carpool instructions, and details about school openings can be found at ( and your child’s principal Via a message from New this year is the Ascension Public Schools mobile app, which provides district and school information in one place. Search for “Ascension Public Schools” in the app store to download this free app. Once downloaded, you can choose from multiple school feeds and customize the app with the information that matters most to your family. A video demo of the app ( shows how to navigate the app.

Ascend magazine

As we prepare to welcome our students, we are proud to release the 4th edition of ASCEND Magazine ( Highlights of this annual publication include district statistics, new aviation programs, special education, early childhood features, district, state and national honors. A digital version is available on the website, and some print versions are available at each campus.

We appreciate being an important part of the quality of life in this community. It is a privilege to serve an honorable family. Ascension Parish is a wonderful community working together to improve the quality of life for all citizens. Thank you for extending your support while holding your public school system accountable for the pursuit of excellence. in need!

We look forward to a great May school year and a special celebration for our 2023 graduates. A special shout out to #Classof2023 and good luck to all our students. Have a great year! ! God bless!


David Alexander

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