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Who are Delaware's top high school athletes in 2021-22?

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It was a wild spring sports season filled with memorable moments, memorable performances and most of all, memorable athletes. So who was Delaware’s best spring athlete?

After all the games have been played and the state championship has been decided, we have put together a list for the 2022 season.


Delaware’s Top 50 Boy Athletes

The first state has produced many stars over the years. And if you look at the pipeline (First State high schools), you’ll see that there are many more potential stars on the horizon.

That makes ranking the top 50 male athletes in Delaware high school sports for the 2021-22 school year extremely difficult.

It’s easy to come up with a long list of high achievers. Trying to put them in any order is difficult, and determining who isn’t on the list is even harder.


Conrad's Stephanie Creza (44) tries a shot behind Sussex Central's Breña Reid (22) in the match at the Conrad School of Science.

Delaware’s Top 50 Female Athletes

How can you compare athletes in different sports?

Realistically, you can’t. Each sport is unique and requires different athletic abilities and skill sets to be the best.

But we will do our best to rank the top 50 female athletes from all Delaware high school sports for the 2021-22 school year.


Appoquinimink Evan Bouldin (17) pitched in Saturday's DIAA Baseball Tournament Semifinal match between Appoquinimink and Conrad at Frawley Stadium.

Top 32 Delaware High School Baseball Players

Delaware’s high school baseball season was extremely tough leading up to the finals. It was a season with many close matches and clutch plays by clutch players.

After checking state head coach polls and consulting with longtime and trusted observers, here’s a list of the top 32 Delaware high school baseball players for the 2022 season.


Outfielder - Peyton Pusey Jr., Red Lion Christian, .547 average, 27 runs, 21 SBs

Top 32 Delaware High School Softball Players

great pitching. Stellar defense. big hitter. Softball at Delaware High School had all that and more this spring, which made narrowing down the list and sorting out the final rankings extremely difficult.

We checked the Delaware High School Softball Coaches Association polls and consulted veteran coaches.


Henry D'Ambrose of Cape Henlopen won 13-6 in the DIAA State High School Tournament Semi-Finals at Avecinio Stadium on Wednesday 1 June 2022, with Henry D'Ambrose of Cape Henlopen looking for goal as Arkmair's Alex Yim Move towards the net.

Top 42 male high school lacrosse players

Delaware’s high school boys’ lacrosse season ended as most fans expected.

Salesianum and Cape Henlopen met in another hotly contested DIAA championship game.

So after combing through the Delaware High School Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Association statewide ballot and consulting longtime observers, it’s surprising to see Salesianum and Cape Henlopen occupy almost half of the spots in the final Top 42 ranking. It didn’t matter. .


Cape Henlopen's Elizabeth Richko (4) wins Cape Henlopen's Lucy Naas 21-11 in the DIAA High School state tournament semifinals at Delaware State University's Alumni Stadium on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Advance the ball in the second half of Henlopen.

Top 42 high school lacrosse players

One year another team will defeat Cape Henlopen in the DIAA Girls Lacrosse Tournament.

This year was not that year.

So after analyzing a statewide poll by the Delaware High School Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association and consulting longtime observers, 10 Vikings littered the final ranking of the state’s top 43 players this season.


Ursuline's Sophia Filipowski (left) converges on the ball with St. Mark's Madeline Shepherds in Sparta's 6-2 win at St. Mark's High School on Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

Top 46 Delaware High School Women’s Soccer Players

The DIAA Women’s Soccer State Championship capped off a season filled with exciting matches and big plays, so putting together the final player rankings was a daunting task. The tournament capped off a season full of big plays in exciting games, so compiling the final player rankings was a daunting task.

After a statewide vote by the Delaware High School Women’s Soccer Coaches Association and consultation with longtime observers of the sport, we decided that 20, 30, or even 40 spots weren’t enough to recognize the state’s best. did. So we expanded the rankings to her 46 players, including athletes from all Delaware conferences.


Salesianum's Justin Mohren (10) against Sanford's Ebka Nuwobod in the first half of Salesianum's 55-34 win at the Unlock the Light SL24 Memorial Classic at Chase Fieldhouse on Saturday 5 February 2022. Trying to play basketball

Top 40 Delaware High School Men’s Basketball Players

The DIAA Boys Basketball Tournament was remembered in recent memory as No. 3 seed Tower Hill scored a commanding 79 points in the first 11 minutes, hitting 13 3-pointers, including 8 of the first 9. produced one of the most memorable and stunning championship games in the -43 win over top-seeded Salesionum.

The result shook Delaware Online’s final top 40 player rankings, as did the playoffs and regular season.


Carabel's India Johnston rushes after the final whistle blows in Carabel's 53-47 victory over Sanford in the DIAA State Tournament Championship Game at the Bob Carpenter Center on Friday, March 11, 2022. I celebrated with my teammates at

Top 40 Delaware High School Women’s Basketball Players

The DIAA Girls Basketball Tournament ended up with the usual suspects.

However, some teams were winning for the first time, others were making rapid progress, and they rocked the postseason by making the playoffs.

All of the astounding results continually shuffled the order of Delaware Online’s Top 40 Player Rankings.


Middletown defensive lineman Tomiwa Durojayer (25) is chasing Salesionum quarterback Connor Campbell (14).

Top 100 Delaware High School Soccer Players

After the longest season in the history of Delaware high school football, it was difficult to narrow down the list of the state’s best players. Placing them in the final Delaware Online Top 100 was even harder. was. There was virtually no difference in the many talents of these outstanding players, all of which made a huge impact on the team.

Here are the best of the best, ranked 1st to 50th. Here are the final rankings of the players from 51 to 100:


9. Breña Reid Jr., Sussex Central

Top 26 Delaware high school volleyball players

Most volleyball teams are dangerous when high scoring players are on the front line.

San Marco have been dangerous this season, no matter where their players are placed. That’s why he has six of the top 16 players in the final Delaware High School Volleyball Player Rankings in the St. Marks.


Salesianum Jake Ross, 23, is chasing the ball at the DIAA Boys Soccer Division I Championship Game at Dover High School.

Top 30 Delaware High School Men’s Soccer Players

Salesian football coach Scott Mosier doesn’t know how to stop Jake Cross.

But that’s fine. Ross played for Mosier’s team.

The 6-foot-3 junior was named State Player of the Year and a United Soccer Coaches National All-American. He is also #1 in the final ranking of the top 30 Delaware high school boys’ soccer players.


Del Mar attacker Masi Bradford (4) celebrates after scoring a penalty shot in the Division II title game between Del Mar and Newark Charter at Dover High School on Saturday.

Top 30 Delaware High School Field Hockey Players

When it comes to Delaware high school field hockey, it’s Del Mar, Cape Henlopen, and more.

Del Mar has won 96 straight wins and six state championships in a row since the DIAA split the state tournament into two divisions, including all five Division II crowns.

Cape Henlopen dominates all five Division I championships. The Vikings have gone 80-8 in his five years, and Del Mar has lost all but one of his.